Where We Grow

Where Beauty and Bounty Meet

Sun World locales were carefully selected for their optimal soils and distinct growing seasons. We cultivate our superior grapes in prime areas in the Coachella and Southern San Joaquin Valleys. These locales offer a superb combination of natural resources that yield the most distinctive fruits.



The scenic Coachella Valley in Riverside County, California is a sliver of majestic land nestled between mountain ranges and a unique saltwater lake called the Salton Sea. An abundance of sandy soil with excellent water-holding capacity makes it ideal for sprouting beautiful plants time and time again.

There are two distinct microclimates in the Coachella Valley: the Mecca Slope and the Oasis region. The harvests of these two regions follow the sun east to west, allowing us to begin growing on the Mecca Slope and finish our harvests on the Oasis. Coachella’s microclimates and warm year-round temperatures, mean you can indulge in delicious grapes throughout the year.

San Joaquin Valley

Once flooded with ocean water, once a fresh water lake, and once swampland — this area’s geological history has manifested some of the richest soils on earth. Known as “the food basket of the world,” this part of California yields eight percent of the world’s produce. The San Joaquin Valley is also our largest growing region where our grapes thrive amidst plentiful water and warm rays from the sun. We take full advantage of its hot, dry summers and cool, rainy winters to produce a harvest that runs south to north from the base of the Tehachapi Mountains to the Wasco.

We’re able to grow early, mid-season and late grapes in this unique, fertile environment. And we’re developing new late-season grapes, so you can continue to enjoy luscious grapes beyond the typical summer availability.