Food Safety

Safety from Harvest to Home.

At Sun World, we deliver the freshest, most delicious grapes possible. And we want you to indulge in those grapes worry-free. We’ve taken careful measures and incorporated state-of-the-art technology to manage food safety through every step from cultivation to consumption. Our Good Agricultural Practices (GAP’s) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) create three-way communication between management, sales and production to oversee and implement our food safety procedures. Those procedures include intense pre-harvest training on hygienic and safety practices for all supervisors, contractors and crews; logged process monitoring; internal and third-party auditing; product trace backs and mock recalls.

Though prevention is always the goal, we’re also prepared to quickly address any compromises to our food safety system. A large part of that is based on our track and traceability strategy. Traceability allows us to enhance food safety and deliver high-quality produce to your table. In addition to our own internal processes, we use the iTRADE PLATFORM to give you on-demand traceability. When you see the words “Where Was I Grown?” on our packaging, you can trace your fresh produce directly back to the farm and learn more about what makes that particular variety special. Because we can identify where a specific bunch of grapes was grown and when they were harvested, we’re well prepared to effectively and efficiently respond to any food safety concerns.

Healthy, delicious grapes your whole family can enjoy—that’s what we offer. Look for the Sun World brand and rest assured you’re buying high quality produce from a company you can trust.