Innovating for Sustainability
Sustainable farming solutions for a brighter future
An unceasing commitment to reduce environmental impact from vine to table
We’re always on the lookout for the next best way to be more sustainable.

Sun World is leading the way to deliver the most sustainable, healthy, and flavorful produce from vine to table including:

  • Data-driven sustainable farming benchmarks, measurement, and reporting, including the ability to model our greenhouse gas impact and water usage.
  • Developing high yielding, non-GMO grapes grown with lower inputs and water use.

Using data to inform our decisions has been critical to our success. We are beginning to use real-time soil moisture monitoring probes at different depths to inform our irrigation schedules to conserve water. We are building additional tracking capability including the ability to model our greenhouse gas impact. And we will use this data to be even better stewards of our natural resources.

Our variety development teams also look for non-GMO varieties with higher yield and greater disease and pest resistance to reduce the need for water and chemical inputs. We use traditional breeding processes that require patience and a good eye, informed by meaningful data. This innovative agriculture method has been helping us more rapidly find varieties that require fewer inputs to produce high quality grapes.

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