How We Grow
Carefully cultivating sustainability
We believe better flavor comes from doing things the right way.
A lot of passion and care goes into every single grape we grow. That means we insist on producing non-GMO grapes, grown sustainably and harvested by workers who are treated fairly. Doing the right thing for our people and our planet is something we can all feel good about.

CEO Letter

Dear Friends,

When I joined Sun World in 2014, I was struck by the business philosophy held by the company that said we can do well as a business, while still doing good for the world.

It’s this belief that has led us to carefully cultivating agricultural sustainability into the way we do business so that we grow to be better stewards of the land, our natural resources, the wildlife, and our people.

And it is the improvement of our people’s livelihood, the health of their community and its natural resources, and the nutrition we provide to millions around the world that make the corporate social responsibility efforts of The Better Future Project so valuable. We thank you for supporting our efforts to deliver the sweetest grapes, sustainably grown.


CEO & President

The Better Future Project

Our first seed was planted in 1976 and today we are more committed than ever to our promise of Better Farms and Better Flavor. At the core of our success today, and in the future, is the understanding that the way we grow our grapes is as important as the grapes themselves.

In 2017 we launched The Better Future Project focused on Empowering our People, Protecting our Environment, and Innovating for Sustainability. Our goals to address the triple bottom line of sustainability by 2022 are:


  • Farmworker Initiatives: Train 2,500 of our farm workers on skills that support career development and personal wellbeing.
  • Corporate Initiatives: Improve overall workplace safety performance of Sun World staff and continue to outperform industry averages.


    • Renewable Energy: Generate 10% of power from renewable sources.
    • Water Conservation: Advance water conservation by sourcing 75% of our dry-year water supply from water that we recharged to the groundwater table in wet years by 2022, along with continuous improvement in water use efficiency.
  • Soil and Bee Health: Plant 50% of acres with cover crops and hedgerows to support soil health and at-risk bee populations. We are the first-ever commercial grape grower to be given the designation of Certified Bee Friendly Farms from the Pollinator Partnership.

Innovation (and Profit):

  • Variety Development: Continue to develop non-GMO grapes with higher yield and lower inputs and water use.

Empowering Our People

Providing opportunities and resources for our people to prosper from those that care for our vineyards to those that nurture our business operations including:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL), vocational, and adult education opportunities for farmworkers.
  • Personal credit and financial asset-building courses for farmworkers.
  • Comprehensive job training

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Protecting Our Environment

Producing the highest quality grapes with sustainable agricultural and operational practices such as:

  • Continuing to improve water efficiency across our vineyards and building water recharge basin projects.
  • Establishing solar power generation on our farms and other initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Increasing cover crop acreage and hedgerows to support soil health, improve air

Learn How We Protect the Environment

Innovating for Sustainability

Sun World is leading the way to deliver the most responsible, healthy, and flavorful produce from vine to table including:

  • Data-driven sustainability benchmarks, measurement, and reporting, including the ability to model our greenhouse gas impact and water usage
  • Development of high yielding, non-GMO grapes grown with lower inputs and water use.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

While we have already made great strides in being more sustainable, we are not a company that rests on its laurels. Read our Corporate Social Responsibility Report to see what we have already achieved and what we plan to achieve next, and meet some of the inspiring people driving this progress.

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