How to Cut Grapes

Save time cutting grapes

Cutting grapes used to be time consuming – until we found this unique method. Follow these easy steps for slicing grapes to significantly reduce the time it takes to cut grapes in half.

  • Grab two lids
    Using two plastic lids of the same size with raised edges, place one lid topside up on a cutting board.
  • Gather your grapes
    Place grapes into the lid, making sure they all lay flat. The raised edge of the lid will keep them in place.
  • Slice, and you’re done!
    Place the second lid topside down over the grapes. Holding the top lid down, slide a serrated knife through the gap and saw back and forth. Remove the top lid to find all of your grapes evenly cut in half.

You’ll never have to wonder how to cut grapes again! Be sure to check out our Grape Recipes to incorporate sliced grapes into your favorite meals.