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Black Grape Recipes

Try something new by adding the dramatic touch of black grapes to dessert. Black grapes are sweeter than most, making them a great addition to pie and other baked treats. Best of all, our black seedless grapes are ready to use, with no peeling or seeding required.

Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So start your day off with the goodness of grapes in a smoothie or muffins. Adding fresh grapes to your morning routine will give you the vitamins, minerals and fiber you need to keep going all day.

Dessert Recipes

The natural sweetness in grapes makes them a wonderful choice for dessert. Try these delectable recipes to end your meal on a high note. High calorie desserts just can’t compare to the natural goodness of grapes.

Dinner Recipes

You may not always think of them for dinner, but grapes are the perfect complement to a hearty main dish. Their sweetness and texture adds complexity to the flavor of meats like chicken and fish. Try serving one of these unique grape recipes for dinner tonight.

Drinks and Smoothies

Grapes make drinks and smoothies taste even better. From breakfast energizers and afternoon pick-me-ups to evening cocktails — you’ll find a wide selection of unique drink recipes to add to your list of favorites.

Green Grape Recipes

Their crisp texture and delicately sweet flavor make green grapes a recipe staple. From smoothies to salads, these green grape recipes are as delicious as they are easy to make. Move over wine, green grapes make a tasty cocktail too.

Kid-Friendly Recipes

Kids love the sweet taste of grapes. So give their meals and snacks a healthy boost with these fun recipes. You can even let the kids lend a hand in making PB & Grape Rollups, Very Hungry Caterpillar Skewers or a delicious Fruit Salad Pizza.

Lunch Recipes

Grapes add crunch and color to your lunch recipes. Try them in salads, lettuce wraps and roll ups to make lunches a little more interesting. Skip the processed foods and treat yourself to something that tastes a lot better with these quick, easy recipes.

Red Grape Recipes

Red grapes have always been a favorite snack. But they can also liven up all kinds of recipes. Deliciously refreshing, red grapes add color, texture, sweetness and a healthy dose of vitamin C. Whether you add them to salads, appetizers or breads, you’re sure to find a new favorite.

Seasonal Recipes

From summertime smoothies to holiday pies, grapes add sweetness and vibrant color to many of your favorite seasonal recipes. Here are some of Sun World's favorite recipes for Fall.

Snack Recipes

These simple snacks are a great place to start experimenting with grape recipes. From Caramel Green Grapes to Red Grape Pinwheels, you’ll find all kinds of delicious sweet and savory grape snack recipes. So start cooking and share a whole new snack with your crew.