Empowering Our People
Our Most
Valuable Resource
The sweetest grapes come from the hands of the healthiest, happiest people.
Sun World knows that it takes the very best people to grow the very best grapes. That is why we invest in providing opportunities and resources for all of our people to prosper; from those that care for our vineyards to those that nurture our business operations.

Farmworker Initiatives

Supporting our farmworkers starts with learning their needs and providing opportunities that improve their overall quality of life such as their health, long-term financial security, and upward mobility, so they can have the capacity to be focused and motivated to do their best. Our goal is to train 2,500 farmworkers by 2022, on skills that support career development and personal well-being, and give them resources to prosper, including:

  • Free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, along with vocational and adult education opportunities.
  • Personal credit and financial asset-building courses.
  • Comprehensive job training, from workplace safety to interpersonal communication skills.

Corporate Initiatives

Sun World is dedicated to creating a safer work environment for all of our employees. We are proud to have an industry and illness rating 20 percent below the fruit and tree nut farming industry average1. We adopted a company-wide safety program that actively incentivizes safe behavior in the workplace and we launched the Sun World Fitness, Inspiration and Teamwork (F.I.T.), an employee wellness initiative that promotes fitness and teamwork.

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1.Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics:https://www.bls.gov/iif/