If you’ve ever wondered when our premium seedless grapes are in season and available at a store near you, you’re not alone! That’s our most popular question. The second most popular? “How do Sun World grapes grow to be so consistently delicious from one bunch to the next?” Whether you’re a fan of our red grapes, green grapes, black grapes, or all three, here are the answers to everything you ever wanted to know about Sun World’s grape harvest season!

When is Sun World’s grape harvest season?

Grape harvest seasons differ around the globe, which means Sun World’s fresh grapes grown in each major growing region of the world are available throughout the entire year. Sun World locales are carefully selected for their optimal soils, weather patterns and distinct growing seasons. We cultivate our superior grapes in prime areas that offer the best combinations of natural resources to yield the most distinctive fruits.

Californian Grown Grapes
Growing Season – Late April through December

For more than two centuries, Californians have been cultivating grapes. This strong tradition continues as 99% of U.S. table grapes are still produced in California. We grow our superior grapes in the Coachella and Southern San Joaquin Valleys. Warm year-round temperatures and an abundance of sandy soil with excellent water-drainage capacity make Coachella ideal for sprouting beautiful plants time and time again. And hot, dry summers and cool, rainy winters give the San Joaquin Valley some of the richest soils on earth.
While we do our best to predict when our California grapes will be available in stores by anticipating and preparing for weather trends that affect our harvest, it’s often up to Mother Nature. With the possibility of early rains, low summer temperatures and warmer winters each year, you may have to be a little patient as grapes grown in this region are not always ready at the same time each year.

Mexico, South America, and Beyond
Growing Season – Varies

We can’t deliver fresh, delicious grapes to the world year-round on our own, which is why we trust talented farmers around the world to grow Sun World grapes too. While our grape varieties are our own to grow, we provide licenses to farmers we determine fit to produce the best Sun World grapes possible. Our partners see the value in our product and understand that grapes grown the right way reap the rewards for themselves and Sun World alike.

2. How do you control the quality from all the way in California?

We provide our growers with the top-quality specifications of our grapes for berry size, flavor, and color that they work hard to meet. Moreover, because these grapes often come from far away, we work to build strong partnerships in the supply chain, including those in cold chain management and proper packaging and handling. When all of our partners share a vision of delivering high-quality grapes to the world, we all benefit.

3. How do you know when grapes are ready for harvest?

Unlike many fresh fruits, grapes do not continue to ripen after they are harvested, which means we work hard to ensure all our grapes are picked at their peak flavor and quality. Each Sun World grape variety is unique in its characteristics, and our farmers know when each one is at its best like the back of their hands. We know our grapes are ready for harvest when the berries are full in color, berry size is as uniform as possible, and flavor is at its sweetest. We test for sweet flavor, or “brix,” as often as possible to ensure the grapes have reached their most flavorful across the entire vine.

4. When are the best of the best grapes available?

While all of our grapes are known for their crisp texture and burst of delightful flavor, the best of the best grapes in every color can be found in stores July – October. Do you have a variety that you and your family prefer? Check our Product Availability Calendar to see when your favorite grapes are available. Grapes are listed by type and their approximate availability. Here is when you can find our three most popular grapes:

  • AUTUMNCRISP® – Well worth the wait, expect to see the latest of our green grapes in stores mid-August through November.
  • MIDNIGHT BEAUTY® – As sweet as a summer day and available mid-June through September.
  • SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS® – Our favorite late-season red grape, harvested just in time for the holidays, mid-September through December.

Enjoy your favorites even when they’re not in season! Our grapes will stay fresh for up to two weeks refrigerated but can be stored for up to three months frozen. To freeze, buy a bunch, then follow our helpful how to freeze grapes guide for a refreshing, nutritious treat that can be enjoyed anytime.

5. When is the best time to buy each color of grapes?

At the start of each grape season, your local supermarkets are eager to get fresh, delicious grapes into their produce department, and we at Sun World are eager to supply them. In our world, grapes are categorized by “early season” and “late season.” You will begin to find the best early season red and green seedless grapes, including those from Sun World, at the start of June, with black seedless grapes, such as our MIDNIGHT BEAUTY® brand grapes following quickly behind in mid-June and July. Late season grapes begin their harvest in August, and you’ll continue to see them in stores through Christmas. Look for Sun World’s finest late-season trio: red SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS®, green AUTUMNCRISP®, and black ADORA SEEDLESS® brand grapes.

6. Where can I buy your tasty grapes?

We’re proud to partner with the following retailers to share our grapes with your family. Do you still have questions about when grapes are available? Ask your grocer when you can find them in your local store or contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’d love to hear from you!